New feature: use your own spam domain with spambox !

September 21st, 2009 by webmaster

Hello everyone,

Last week, Seth sent me an email to tell me about a new hype regarding DEA (Disposable Email Address) services.  There’s some anti-DEA gangs around here trying to kill our efforts to reduce spam.

How do they procede ?  Today, they just simply dress up and distribute lists of DEA domains ready-to-be-banned which results to domain being banned from lots of websites.

So to counterfeit this, I worked on a new feature letting you, spambox user, participate to the the first step our naughty plan.

You can now register your own domain or subdomain on the website so that it can be used by others.  You can also make it private and it won’t appear on the temporary e-mail generation process.

In order to be able to do that, you just need to create a DNS MX entry directing mails to, in your domain or subdomain.

For example:  IN  MX 10

Then simply register your domain in the ‘register’ form on the main page.

Thank you for using spambox ! ;-)

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One Response to “New feature: use your own spam domain with spambox !”

  1. Seth Wisely Says:

    The test domain hints at phase two ;)

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